Review: Google Nest Camera With Tata Play Secure+

Ditipriya Ganguly
Ditipriya Ganguly June 28, 2022
Updated 2022/06/28 at 8:20 PM

Although the Google Nest Camera has made a name for itself in the global market already, it has only recently been launched in the Indian market. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it did do justice to all the hype created and the reputation that it carries with its brand name. 

It is an essential new-age gadget for any working individual who has to go to the office, but wants to keep a track of any activity going on in or around their homes on any given day. It specifically becomes important for people who got used to the comfort of their homes, and are finding it difficult to let go of their old habits. It also paves a way for them to be tuned to all the activities taking place in and around their houses while they are away at work, without being dependent on any other manpower. 

The Google Nest Camera comes to the rescue and allows you to keep an eye on your home at all times. It is one of the best off-the-rack security cameras. Google Nest Camera with its partnership with Tata Play engineered and designed this product which is extremely minimalist with a clean and simple look on the outside, and which is attached with a large camera. The base of the camera also comes with attached magnets which you can drill onto your wall. 



Setting it up is not at all fussy. Google Home App provides hassle free and fully assisted set up and it is available for both Android and iOS users. Then connect the device to the Tata Play Secure+ platform. This will allow you to activate their Nest Aware subscription. It also provides you with Familiar Face detection and event video history. In addition to this, you can also take the Tata Play executive’s help in case you don’t feel confident or aren’t comfortable enough to set it up yourself.

As the camera has a magnetic base, you can easily stick the camera lens in any position in order to get the best view. One of the striking features of this camera is that, even if you haven’t got a power source for the camera, it can easily last at least a week after one full charge, which takes around 5 hours.

Now you can easily check who is at the front door even when you are away at the office or are traveling. The Google Home App would send you alerts saying “Person Seen” in front of your main gate and house. Otherwise, you can directly go to the app and check the live feed of the current situation. As the device comes with a speaker and microphone, you can also easily talk and have a conversation with the person in front of your house. It also works fine even at a distance. 

The Google Nest Camera is priced at Rs.11,999. In addition to this, for the Nest Aware subscription from Tata Play Secure+  you also need to pay an annual fee of Rs.3000 starting, which depends on the total number of cameras installed.

There may be other more affordable options out there, but with Google Nest Camera you can completely rely and depend on it given its brand name.

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