Samsung Internet app hints at ChatGPT integration

Nishita Gupta
Nishita Gupta July 20, 2023
Updated 2023/07/20 at 3:58 AM

The latest version of Samsung Internet hints that the browser might soon let users access ChatGPT without switching apps.

The built-in browser on Samsung devices might soon get ChatGPT integration. According to a recent app teardown by Android Authority, the latest version of the Samsung Internet app code contains a placeholder string that hints at ChatGPT integration.

While it is still unclear how the South Korean tech giant will integrate the generative AI with its browser, the strings suggest it could be a part of the app’s experimental Labs feature and will work without users having to navigate to the ChatGPT website to ask questions or simply be a shortcut to the website.

Speculation has it that the company might also show users a summary of the webpage they are viewing so they can understand long text in a short amount of time. Even though there are several third-party integrations, they simply cannot offer an experience similar to how first-party integrations like how Microsoft integrated the Bing chatbot in Edge.

Earlier this year, Samsung was rumoured to replace Google Search as the default search engine on its browser app, which caused panic at Google, but later it apparently ditched the plan and decided to keep Google at the forefront.  Samsung is also working on its very own ChatGPT-like AI model in collaboration with Naver.

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