Samsung Tipped to Begin Mass Production of 3nm Chips Next Week

Sharanya Sinha
Sharanya Sinha June 23, 2022
Updated 2022/06/25 at 11:25 AM

According to reports on Wednesday, Samsung Electronics is anticipated to declare mass production of 3-nanometer semiconductors next week, defeating its foundry competitor TSMC in the more sophisticated chip-making process. According to insiders, Samsung Electronics will announce mass production of 3-nanometer semiconductors next week, defeating TSMC’s foundry competitor in the most sophisticated chip-making process.

The next-generation 3nm circuits will be constructed using Gate-All-Around (GAA) technology, which according to Samsung will allow for an area reduction of up to 45% while delivering 30% more performance and 50% less power consumption than the current process. When US President Joe Biden visited Samsung’s semiconductor plant here last month, the South Korean tech giant gave him a demonstration of its 3nm chips, according to the Yonhap news agency. The largest contract chip maker in the world, TSMC, said that it will start mass-producing 3nm devices in the second half of the year. The two businesses have been engaged in a vigorous battle to exceed one another by introducing the most cutting-edge and effective chips to the general public and gaining clients for contract chip manufacture.

Samsung tipped to begin mass production of 3nm chips next week

The mass production of its 2nm process node is scheduled to begin in 2025, according to Samsung, the second-biggest foundry and the world’s largest manufacturer of memory chips. In the first quarter of this year, TSMC held 53.5% of the worldwide foundry market, followed by Samsung with 16.3%, according to market researcher TrendForce.As the tech giant looks to expand its leadership outside the memory market, Samsung disclosed in 2019 a significant investment plan of $151 billion in the logic chip and foundry industries by 2030.
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