Several AI-powered editing features reportedly arriving in older Google Pixel Devices

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar May 23, 2024
Updated 2024/05/23 at 8:34 AM

Several AI-powered editing features such as Magic Editor, Photo Unblur and Portrait Blur are now available without the Google One subscription.


The exclusive AI powered editing features which were previously only available in Google Pixel 8 and now arriving on older Pixel devices as well. The Mountain View-based tech giant made an announcement last month that editing features powered by AI such as Magic Editor, Photo Unblur and Portrait Blur will be available to all smartphone users from May 15. These features were the highlights of Google Pixel 8 series.

Several users of old Pixel devices have reported that the AI powered anything features have started arriving in smartphones such as the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 7.

The reports state that one of the primary editing features that has been introduced is the Magic Editor. Magic Editor makes use of generative AI to help users re-imagine their photos and even modify specific parts of them by performing tasks such as repositioning the subject or changing the background of the sky.


According to a 9to5Google report, the features arriving on older Pixel devices include Magic Editor, Photo Unblur, Magic Eraser, Portrait Blur, Sky Suggestions, cinematic photos, portrait light and more. Some of these features were previously available on Pixel devices in the past as well but they were under the Google One subscription. According to Google these features will be free to use for all Pixel users through Google photos. Pixel tablet users can also use the same features.


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