Six Crypto Traders to Watch in 2023

Nishita Gupta
Nishita Gupta March 20, 2023
Updated 2023/03/20 at 7:37 PM

With the rise of Cryptocurrencies, the number of Crypto traders has flourished too
The rise of “crypto influencers,” as they are now known, has corresponded with the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies.These cryptocurrency traders communicate with their fans on Twitter, Instagram, TradingView, and YouTube on a weekly or occasionally daily basis.

The article enlists Top Crypto Traders to Watch in 2023.

1.Smart Contractor
On Twitter, this trader has more than 200k followers. He frequently posts his opinions and charts for many coins. In particular, Smart Contractor is renowned for his bottom prediction for Bitcoin in 2018 at $3.2k, made six months in advance.

2. Pentoshi
Another well-known trader on CT is Pentoshi, who frequently tweets charts to his approximately 533k followers. Pentoshi estimated that the highest price of Bitcoin would be around $64,000 at the start of 2021.

3. CryptoCred
A technical trader and independent crypto educator with a 454k user following are called CryptoCred. He freely distributes all of his content over some platforms, such as Twitter and Telegram, including daily market analysis and trading advice.

4. DonAlt
DonAlt shares a variety of topics with his 392k Twitter followers, including market comments and technical analysis. He co-hosts the YouTube channel Technical Roundup with CryptoCred and has a strict no-promotion rule.

5. Ansem
Ansem is a great follow if you’re looking for some high-quality crypto stuff. Already, his daily work is being read by 111.5k Twitter users. Also, he publishes quarterly market forecasts in a newsletter.

6. Crypto Kaleo
With 476k Twitter followers, Kaleo regularly gives insights into stocks using charts in addition to the fast-developing cryptocurrency industry. He is also a founding member of the NFT initiative LedgerArt.

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