Spotify is working on a new music-remix feature as a part of “Music Pro” 

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar April 15, 2024
Updated 2024/04/15 at 5:19 AM

Spotify is reportedly working on new features that will allow users to remix their favorite songs.

The popular music streaming platform is currently working on new music editing features, inspired from Tiktok. This will let users mix their favourite songs. A recent report from the Wall Street Journal says that Spotify, the music streaming platform, will let users to “speed up, mash-up, and otherwise edit” their favourite songs from their favourite artists. These remixes created can be saved so that one can tune in and listen to them later.

Who can access these music editing features?

According to the report from the Wall Street Journal, the new music editing features that would let Spotify users create remixes as per their choice may be available only under “Music Pro” – a new paid tier. The new tools are in the early stages of development while Spotify is still working on agreements on licensing.

Things you can expect from the feature

The screenshots shared with TechCrunch shows the new feature bearing different mixing tools. Some of these tools allows users to ” flex their DJ skills with different transition styles to create the ultimate mix” and “set the vibe for your mix” . Users can easily filter songs on the basis of genres, moods, activities and other factors. The new music mixing tools will provide users with a platform where one track quickly blends into the other “to keep the energy going”, “maximizes overlap for layered and immersive blend of tracks” and “instantly switches from one track to another for high impact.”

Users will not only be able to change certain music parameters like beats per minute and “danceability” but can also add or edit transitions between tracks. Tools of the new Spotify feature will also be able to “automatically reorder your mix by sequencing tracks with a similar key, tempo and style together”, “choose how to order your mix, or select auto order to have Spotify sequence it for you.”


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