Spotify Premium introduces the AI playlist feature

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar April 9, 2024
Updated 2024/04/09 at 1:19 PM

Spotify premium users who have signed up for the Beta programme of the music streaming platform can access the AI playlist feature. One can find the feature at the bottom of the “Your Library” section.

About The Feature

Spotify has rolled out a new feature powered by AI ( Artificial Intelligence) which will allow the premium users to create personalized playlists for themselves. All they would need to do is enter text prompts. This feature succeeds a feature that was launched last year named AI DJ. 

In an official post, Spotify announced that the AI powered playlist feature will be made available for the UK and Australia Android and iOS users first, followed by several other regions across the world. Spotify premium users who use the beta programme of the application can find the AI playlist feature in the “Your Library” section, at the bottom right corner of your home page. Once you type the ‘+’ icon, a new panel will open up which consists of options that help you to build a playlist or Blend multiple playlists together. The third option at the bottom is the one that lets users enjoy creating AI playlists.

Users can create playlists by typing text prompts. Whether you refer to a place, animal, movie character, activity, emoji or color, the AI will create the most perfect playlist for you. Spotify recommends users to create a blend of genres, artists and moods to create your playlist. Measures have been implemented by Spotify for prompts that appear offensive or vulgar. 

Who can enjoy this feature? 

The AI playlist feature by Spotify will be available for both Android and iOS. This feature has started rolling out from the UK and Australia and will gradually reach users across more regions. However, as of now only Spotify Premium users who have signed in for the Beta programme of the music streaming app will be able to access this feature. 

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