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Meta to launch new AI-powered ad creation tools

Meta is bringing in tools powered by Artificial Intelligence to create and

Sanjana Dhar Sanjana Dhar May 8, 2024

Mark Zuckerberg Claims Meta AI as the Smartest and Freely Accessible AI Assistant

Meta, previously known as Facebook, has made significant progress in Artificial Intelligence

Mahek Baid Mahek Baid April 19, 2024

WhatsApp introduces chat filters making it easier to sort through messages

WhatsApp introduces three chat filters- All, Unread, Groups. These filters will help

Sanjana Dhar Sanjana Dhar April 17, 2024

WhatsApp tests new Meta AI chatbot: Know how it works

Meta rolls out limited testing of Llama-powered generative AI features within WhatsApp

Sanjana Dhar Sanjana Dhar April 15, 2024

WhatsApp Tests Its New Llama-Powered Generative AI

WhatsApp is currently testing new generative AI features for select Android and

Mahek Baid Mahek Baid April 14, 2024

Meta to launch Llama-3 LLM

Within the following month, Meta said, it will release its Llama 3

Shruti Govil Shruti Govil April 10, 2024


Acquiring enough data to train their artificial intelligence (AI) models has become

Shruti Govil Shruti Govil April 8, 2024

Unlocking Seamless Communication: A Breakthrough in Universal Translation

The Seamless conversation suite, a ground-breaking collection of artificial intelligence models intended

Srishti Dey Srishti Dey January 12, 2024