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Apple’s Next Move: OLED iPad Pro Launch Expected in April

The release of Apple's OLED iPad Pro models, which are expected to

Srishti Dey Srishti Dey January 17, 2024

Asus Introduces the ExpertBook Series of Business-Oriented Laptops: A Detailed Look

Taiwanese tech giant Asus has expanded its laptop portfolio with the launch

Ridha Fathima Ridha Fathima November 9, 2023

OLED Marches Into Mainstream With Acer

You don't have to spend a lot of money (or go big)

Moubani Pal Moubani Pal May 20, 2022

Motorola is planning to launch its new foldable phone

Motorola announced the launch of the company’s first foldable Android phone that

Sharmaine Centeno Sharmaine Centeno February 28, 2019

The upcoming LG G8 ThinQ will have Crystal Sound OLED

LG posted on its newsroom website about the new LG G8 ThinQ

Sharmaine Centeno Sharmaine Centeno February 15, 2019

Panasonic is planning to launch “The World’s Most Cinematic TV”

At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Panasonic introduced the new custom Professional

Sharmaine Centeno Sharmaine Centeno January 11, 2019

Huawei adds more smartphone to its Mate Series

Huawei confirmed that they will launch another model for its Mate Series

Sharmaine Centeno Sharmaine Centeno October 22, 2018

Huawei reveals the Pro version of its Huawei Mate

Huawei has officially launched its Mate 20 Pro with its triple cameras

Sharmaine Centeno Sharmaine Centeno October 19, 2018

Huawei introduces its new phone that includes a Porsche design

Huawei together with its co-engineered Leica, launched a new Android phone which

Sharmaine Centeno Sharmaine Centeno October 18, 2018

Samsung develops the unbreakable OLED display

Samsung confirmed that the upcoming unbreakable Android phone OLED screen display has

Sharmaine Centeno Sharmaine Centeno July 26, 2018

LG will soon supply OLED screens for Apple

In a ploy to reduce their reliance on competitor Samsung, Apple may

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz June 29, 2018

Apple decides to include new screens for all new iPhones by next year

According to Bloomberg, Apple will start using next generation screens for all

Sharmaine Centeno Sharmaine Centeno May 31, 2018

LG having “issues” meeting Apple’s OLED display demands

Despite its best efforts, Apple may still have to depend on rival

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz April 23, 2018

Apple’s new patent describes using OLED screens as keyboards

A patent recently granted to Apple imagines replacing a typical laptop keyboard

Cerina Cruz Cerina Cruz February 28, 2018