The 5 golden video editing principles budding filmmakers should know about.

Nishita Gupta
Nishita Gupta January 7, 2024
Updated 2024/01/28 at 9:17 PM

There are so many ways to edit videos. Your method will rely on your project and your creative choices—but here are some tried and tested techniques that can help simplify your work and, hopefully, spare you from all the hard work. \

Here are 6 worth considering:

  1. Organize your clips. “You have to be organized,” speaks Tiffani Bauer, video producer at Descript. “Starting off by organizing your stuff straight out of the camera is great. Create folders for your project on your device and make subfolders for your raw clips depending on their type, or where they belong in your edit.
  2. Choose the footage that shows the important activity. Cut clips to contain only the parts you require. “You don’t have to keep everything,” tells Tiffani. “If it’s not working in the edit, feel free to drop it.” It’s normal to feel bad about skip[ing your footage, specifically if it took you a lot of time and energy to record, but a good editor has to make difficult choices for the overall project.
  3. Use establishing shots. Although close-up and medium shots show action up close, they more often than not miss out on the subject’s surroundings. An establishing shot illustrates a scene’s broader context, letting your viewers comprehend where everything fits.
  4. Don’t neglect sound. A high-resolution video must have high-resolution audio. “People will watch something with poor video quality if the audio quality is good, but they won’t watch something with good video quality if the audio quality is poor,” says Tiffani.
  5. Export to the right format. “Before you start editing, make sure you’re starting in the right project format,” says Tiffani. Famous video formats comprise .webm, .mp4, .flv, .wmv, and .mov, most of which are supported by leading online platforms, like Youtube and Vimeo. Be certain the platform you’re posting to supports your chosen format.


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