The Best Portable Laptop Stands In The Indian Market Ft Amazon

Get your posture straight with these portable laptop stands without overheating laptops.

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas February 20, 2023
Updated 2023/02/20 at 4:45 PM

For all of those who are always on the go, not having a proper table or surface to work on might be the biggest inconvenience one can face. Worry not, as we have a list of lightweight, compact, and portable laptop stands that provide just the right height to work for hours. 

Amazon’s Basic Aluminium Foldable Tabletop Laptop Stand

This 15” laptop stand made of aluminium provides durability, is lightweight, and is easy to carry around. Its sleek & alluring silver design makes it a perfect fit for your work table. The 180-degree tilt facilitates making changes. The non-slip rubber base is also convenient.

Portronics My Buddy Hexa 22 Adjustable Tabletop Laptop Stand 

This Portronics 15.6” screen stand is a good option for those who prefer more flexibility in their stands – as this one comes with a 360-degree movement.  It’s specifically made to facilitate airflow to prevent overheating, keeping the laptop cool. The anti-slip pads on the ends provide a superior grip. The adjustable design improves posture. 

Plixio Aluminium Tabletop Laptop Stand

This laptop stand reaches an adjustable height which can be maximized to up to 6” in height. It’s a good choice for laptops & tablets. The new triangular design of the stand increases stability while it is in use. The adjustable height features allow one to change their device’s position at 6 different angles. 

Portronics My Buddy K3 Portable Laptop Stand

Number fourth on the list is another ergonomically built optronics portable stand that improves posture and reduces chronic neck and back pains. The grooves at the base of the stand make it anti-slip and safe for work.  

Striff Portable Laptop Stand 

This stand is insanely lightweight and its easy fold technique makes it all the more desirable. The thin plastic frame can bear a weight of up to 25kg. The large cutout ventilators ensure airflow so thus preventing overheating. This ergonomic design also includes a phone stand. 

Portronics My Buddy Plus Adjustable/Portable/Foldable Multipurpose Laptop  Table with Cooling Fan - Buy Portronics My Buddy Plus Adjustable/Portable/ Foldable Multipurpose Laptop Table with Cooling Fan Online at Low Price in  India -

Dyazo Adjustable Laptop Stand 

This Dyazo stand comes with height adjustment bringing one’s laptop to the desired height & angle. Its hollow back design ensures that one’s device doesn’t overheat and this too comes with a phone stand for extra support. The Dyazo stands are made with ABS plastic which makes them more portable & light. 

Amkette Laptop Stand

This Amkette sleek and ergonomically designed laptop has an adjustable height setting for better placement of the screen, This compact & robust laptop stand is perfect to facilitate larger devices.

Dyazo Professional Laptop Stand

This Dyazon laptop stand is a perfect fit for professionals working from home or in offices. The aluminium material is easily foldable & provides a comfortable poster. The stand is also compatible with most laptops. 

Proffisy Laptop Stand

This Proffisy laptop stand comes with 6-speed adjustable heights which can be tinkered with as per the requirements. This stand has multifunctional capabilities which can smoothly handle various sizes and models of laptops. This sturdy and durable stand is made with aluminium alloy. This too has friction rubber pads to keep the stand in place. 

Portronics My Buddy Plus POR-704

This well-known brand is known for building affordable laptop stands. A special feature of this Portronics stand is the cooling fan it comes with running on 1800rpm. This stand is the perfect fit for gamers or those who rigorously use their laptop for hours on end which results in an angry & heated CPU. This multi-purpose table comes with foldable legs & its lightweight structure makes it an easy store away. The soft notches facilitate a non-slip zone for the keyboard and mouse when used in a tilted position. 


These were the top people’s choices in Amazon when it comes to Portable Laptop Stands Available in the Indian market. They have a product for every price range catering to all kinds of customers for their varying needs. 


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