The intentions Of Trojan Virus

Daksh Talan
Daksh Talan January 20, 2023
Updated 2023/01/20 at 8:37 AM

Trojan virus is commonly seen in the gaming community where gamers download pirated games and most of them include this virus but what a trojan virus is?


The motive of this virus is to wreak havoc in its client’s computer without being noticed. It can do this in many ways like deleting data, reading passwords, modifying data, and disturbing the performance of a computer.

Trojans is a harmful virus and is not easy to detect, an interesting fact about this it cannot self-replicate as other viruses do.

Now we know what a trojan virus is, let us get to know about different types of trojan viruses-

First is DDos Trojan, DDos trojan stands for disturbed denial of services attack designed to attack a network or a server through a botnet and track its data and gain access to the server and if used by the operator the website or server can no longer be accessible


The second coming up is Trojan-Game thief, This virus is designed to steal information and any other data from an online player account.

The third one is Trojan ransom, In this case, the virus performs and modifies your computer’s data and u can no longer access certain programs or in the worst case your whole computer. The operator then calls the victim and asks for money to fix the computer.

Fourth is Banking trojans, This is one of the most used viruses and one of the most deadly ones as it steals your online banking details and for those who don’t have 2-step authentication their whole bank account gets raided.

In today’s time, trojans can be found everywhere they can come in the form of attachments, images, video links, etc. Users should always have an antivirus up to date to counter the virus and never download any 3rd party software without verification Never Open any mail or an attachment without thinking and scanning them properly, this may sound like a tedious task but it protects your whole database from being stolen.

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