The Mi Band 8 From Xiaomi Promises To Offer A New Way of Wearing It

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas April 14, 2023
Updated 2023/04/19 at 5:42 PM

Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics titan, has announced that the Mi Band 8 will be available on April 18th. Except for the updated strap mechanism, the new fitness tracker looks very identical to its predecessor. Nevertheless, the company has devised a novel way for consumers to wear wearable devices, similar to a necklace. As a result, the Mi Band 8 will no longer be restricted to the wrist. On his Weibo profile, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun posted a photograph of the new device strung up like a pendant. According to reports, the business will also sell necklace attachments for the new Mi Band.

While the necklace style offers a fashionable new way to wear the Mi Band, it might have some drawbacks. When the device is worn as a necklace, some capabilities, such as blood oxygen monitoring and heart rate evaluation, may not function. This is due to the fact that these tasks necessitate sensor contact with the skin. The necklace mode may only track basic activities such as steps, distance, calories, and specific sports.

Mi Band 8 can be worn like a necklace

Furthermore, a Xiaomi executive disclosed that the Mi Band 8 will include new strap options. Leather, woven, and metal wristbands are examples. Images of these recently released products have been circulated on the internet. The Mi Band 8 was quite widely anticipated. And the new necklace style has piqued people’s interest. We’ll have to wait and see if this new function is useful to the majority of people. However, seeing progress in wearable technology is always thrilling. Xiaomi has been a market leader in this sector. And we anticipate that the Mi Band 8 will be another successful addition to their product line. We’re excited to see the technology in action and see how well it operates in real-world situations.

In 2014, Xiaomi released its first smart band, the Xiaomi Mi Band. The Mi Band had been a low-cost fitness tracker with rudimentary functionality. Step counting, sleep tracking, and heart rate monitoring are a few examples. The Mi Band immediately became popular due to its low pricing and long battery life. It was also popular among customers because of its clean and simple appearance. Xiaomi released the Mi Band 2, an improvement to the original Mi Band, in 2016. The Mi Band 2 included an OLED display, allowing users to see their fitness statistics directly on the gadget. It also included an electronic heart rate monitor that could continuously measure heart rate throughout the day.

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A significant upgrade to the Mi Band lineup was the Mi Band 3. A larger OLED display and water resistance were added to the Mi Band 3, as well as the ability to receive notifications from a smartphone connected to the band. Xiaomi released the Mi Band 4 in 2019, which was a considerable upgrade over its predecessor. The Mi Band 4 included a bigger colour display as well as new capabilities like NFC connectivity and the ability to control music playback on a linked smartphone.

Xiaomi released the Mi Band 5 as the latest update to the Mi Band series in 2020. Menstrual monitoring for women and enhanced sleep tracking were included in the Mi Band 5. Then came the Mi Band 6 in 2021, followed by the Mi Band 7 in 2022, both with new features and enhancements. In conclusion, The Mi Band lineup is a popular choice for consumers looking for an affordable fitness tracker. It has evolved over time, adding new features and improving existing ones, making it a global success.


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