The Near Future Is Looking At Google’s ‘Find My Device’ In An Upgraded Manner

Whether your device has any power shouldn't be your first concern when you've lost or have had your phone stolen.

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas April 6, 2023
Updated 2023/04/10 at 6:01 AM

2022 was the first time Google mentioned a tracking method specifically catering to stolen phones. One can say that they are pretty far behind on this objective, especially if we take their competition, Apple, into account, as their “Find My” network can track any lost or stolen device, even if it is out of battery and has been switched off. Nevertheless, Google is making an effort as it seems to be trying to come up with this feature development and it seems as if they will expand to switch off Android devices. This new feature is rumoured to be called ‘Pixel Power Off’ on Pixel devices. 

This makes a lot of noise in the market because, while Apple’s tracker helps one pinpoint their Apple phone or watch even if the power is off, Google’s ‘Find My Device’ is effective only when the gadget is switched on. Losing one’s gadget, be it a tablet, a smartwatch, or a mobile phone, is anxiety-inducing enough, we shouldn’t have to worry about if our device has enough battery to be tracked down! Even if Google is a bit behind, it still has a few commendable features to compete with Apple. 

How to use Google's Find My Device feature to locate your lost Android phone  - Smartprix

On the flip side, if one wants to track their stolen or misplaced Android device, a plethora of conditions must be met in order to do so. Google recommends that the device be switched on and have ‘Location’ and ‘Find My Device’ tuned on Google Play, along with being signed into a Google account. However, Google has updated the look and feel of their app, and the new design was released in January. Google’s newest venture is to track one device even when it’s out of power, while the program right now can only see/know its last position if the device is out of control, that is if the user has enabled ‘Store recent location’. This is arguably one feature of which most are unaware. 

Kuba Wojciechowski’s leaks suggest that Google has been working on their tracking apps, and there has also been a leaked confirmation of the fact that these updated tags for ‘Find My Device’ will be made available soon! 


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