The New Waze Version is now available for iPhone and CarPlay

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali May 20, 2022
Updated 2022/06/20 at 11:18 AM

Waze has become a significant part of our lives, especially an essential navigation app’ available for daily drivers. Google acquired Waze in June 2013 and served as an alternative to Google Maps providing the users with the fastest route to a chosen destination. A new version of Waze is available for iPhone and CarPlay now. The company claims the fixation of bugs reported with previous version.

Waze is a must-have application for daily drivers

Waze uses a crowdsourcing engine which helps in providing the best route to the user. It also enables a person to prevent slowing down incidents like traffic, accidents, and speed traps. The application also shows the maximum threshold while driving. With frequent updates from the Google-owned app’, helping users to use the maps smoothly. Users expect a flawless experience with this version as the earlier reported bugs are rooted now. The new version 4.83 is a bit better than the current version launched in April. No new features were introduced with the update, but improvements for previously available features are evident. The application also shows the maximum threshold while driving.

The New Waze version has a very significant fix

The Google-owned firm has suggested users download the latest version as soon as possible. The new version claims to have rectified frequent crashes that occurred earlier while trying to open a notification. Many users unable to launch Waze on CarPlay had reported the issue. So, the major problem was with car users’ experience. Unlike the terrible experiences with the previous version, the newly launched version seems to have curbed the sentiments of the users this time.

The new update is worthwhile for all, those who run navigation app on their iPhones and the one’s using it on CarPlay. No issues have been reported by the users using the latest version. Possibly more plugging might have been included in this version.

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