The Nothing Phone 1 Can Be Updated To Android 14 Beta By Downloading It

Android 14 beta may now be installed on the Nothing Phone 1. This is the procedure.

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas May 21, 2023
Updated 2023/05/21 at 5:01 PM

The Nothing Phone 1 uses Nothing OS, a relatively light-weight-skinned version of Android. The firm has done a fantastic job of keeping things current since the debut of the Nothing Phone 1 and has also released a lot of enhancements. As an element of its Developer Preview Programme, the business has now made the Android 14 beta accessible for its phones, offering consumers a sneak peek at the interface.

It is crucial to recognise that Android 14 is still in its early stages of development and may thus lack some functionality or have other problems. Developers may test their programmes on the Nothing Phone 1 operating Android 14 with this beta release. Of course, it’s not only for developers, so if one is daring enough to load it, please be aware that neither Nothing nor XDA is liable if something goes wrong. It is advised to back up important phone files before installing the Android 14 beta.  Any personal information on the phone will be wiped throughout the upgrade process, which returns the device to its factory settings.

There are currently a few known bugs with the Nothing Phone 1’s Android 14 version. The Glyph feature, face unlock, and other issues are listed on the Nothing Android 14 beta version page as issues. 

Android 14 beta – Nothing India

Here are a few issues that consumers may encounter during this entire predicament:

a) Fingerprint registration is impossible 

b) Face unlock is not available.

c) Inaccessible glyph characteristics

d) No battery sharing is possible.

e) The camera app lacks a slow-motion or portrait mode.

f) There are no built-in weather or X applications; 

g) There is no screencast to TV connection.

If the preceding problems and the warning aren’t enough to put you off, use the instructions below for downloading and installing the beta.

Nothing Phone (1) will get Android 14 Beta in coming weeks

Here is how to update the Nothing Phone 1 to the Android 14 Developer Preview: 

One should get their phone ready for the Android 14 upgrade to start the process. The local update tool won’t appear until they follow the instructions. Make a backup of your phone’s data first. One can enter once they’re finished.

1. Ensure that one phone is running the most recent version of Nothing OS, 1.5.4.

2. If the phone is current, make an ota folder in the internal storage.

3. Download the update for Android 14 Beta.

4. Transfer the update package for Android 14 Beta to the ota folder.

5. Now, open the dialer on your phone and input the code #*#682#*#*. The local update tool will launch as a result. The ota folder will automatically be checked for updates by the local update tool.

6. The ota folder will automatically be checked for updates by the local update tool.

Nothing Phone 1: Download and Install Android 13/Nothing OS 1.5

7. Just reload by hitting the reload button if it doesn’t appear.

8. An error notice will appear if the proper file is missing.

9. To start the update procedure after making your selections, touch the Directly Apply OTA from the selection button.

10. Keep the phone on the local updater interface and powered on.

11. After everything is finished, you will get a notification that says “Update OTA Success.” This will validate the installation’s accuracy.

12. After restarting, Android should launch. 

Android 14 Beta Announced for Nothing Phone (1) - Gizmochina

You may still return to Android 13 even after loading Android 14. Naturally, you will lose any data that is on the handset, so make a backup before you do anything. Follow the instructions above to roll back, but instead of loading in the Android 14 package, do it with the roll-back package. If everything works as planned, repeat the procedure to enter Android 13 once more. There will be problems because Android 14 isn’t yet ideal, as previously said. However, you are always welcome to give it a try even if this isn’t your main device. Nothing Phone 1 Forums provide assistance if needed. 


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