The Revolutionary USB-C Port on iPhone 15 Pro: Beyond Data Transfer

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey February 3, 2024
Updated 2024/02/03 at 8:48 AM

The introduction of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max marked a huge technical breakthrough for Apple fans. The addition of the USB-C connection, a feature long familiar to Android users, is one of the most notable upgrades. This port on Apple’s pricier models, however, is about more than simply speedier data transfers; it opens up a world of possibilities, converting the iPhone into a really professional-grade smartphone.

1. Connect an external monitor or television.

The 10Gbps data transmission speed of the USB-C connector allows you to connect your iPhone to a monitor or television that supports USB-C input. This feature reduces input latency, which improves your game experience. Playing blockbuster games like Resident Evil 4 on a huge screen with breathtaking 4K quality and smooth 60fps is a dream come true.

2. Charge Additional Devices

Another notable feature is reverse charging, which allows you to charge not just your iPhone but also other devices such as Android smartphones and AirPods directly from your iPhone. Keep in mind that the charging speed for reverse charging is limited to 4.5W, thus charging other devices may take a little longer.

3. Use Ethernet to connect to the Internet.

For individuals looking for high-speed, low-latency internet access, the USB-C port allows Ethernet network connectivity through a dongle featuring an RJ45 Ethernet socket. This feature is especially beneficial for operations like as downloading huge files or uploading large video files, assuring efficiency and dependability when compared to regular Wi-Fi networks.

4. Save 4K Videos to an External Storage Device

Users of the iPhone 15 Pro may now record uncompressed 4K movies to an external storage device. This capability is a game changer for people who have iPhones with minimal internal storage. To take full advantage of this feature, you’ll need an external storage device with rapid read and write rates.
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5. Use SD/microSD Cards to Access Files

Professional photographers and videographers will enjoy the flexibility to use an external adapter to access data straight from an SD card. This function speeds up data transfers from cameras to iPhones without the need for a computer, making it perfect for individuals on the go.

6. Listen to Lossless Audio with No Latency

The option to listen to lossless music on the iPhone 15 Pro via the USB-C connector is a huge plus for audiophiles. What’s the best part? You may utilize your current USB-C headphones without the need for any dongles or connections. Apple has also released new USB-C EarPods for non-Pro iPhone models.

7. Use External Microphones to Record High-Resolution Audio

The iPhone 15 Pro series’ USB-C connector supports both tethered and wireless microphones, allowing users to capture high-resolution audio directly on the device. This function is a godsend for vloggers, journalists, and anybody looking to improve the quality of their audio recordings.

The inclusion of the USB-C connector in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max marks a watershed moment for Apple, delivering a slew of new features to its flagship handsets. The USB-C connector expands the iPhone’s adaptability into professional areas, allowing it to charge other devices, connect to the internet through Ethernet, and enhance audio and video capabilities. As technology advances, this breakthrough lays the path for even more interesting possibilities in the future.

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