The Seattle Apple Store Gets Robbed Money Heist Style

This fiasco was carried out by thieves who entered through a tunnel in the bathroom, stealing 436 iPhones.

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas April 21, 2023
Updated 2023/04/21 at 2:54 PM

When a fictional movie plot becomes a reality, it definitely blows people’s minds. Two burglars within the US state of Washington broke into an Apple shop and stole up to 436 iPhones worth roughly $500,000. The incident occurred in the Apple Store in Seattle’s Alderwood Mall, which was closed at the time. The robbers did their homework and sneaked in by making a hole in the bathroom walls of a coffee shop next door to infiltrate the Apple store’s backroom. The ingenious approach allowed the robbers to circumvent Apple’s security system.

Until the next day, neither the Apple security staff nor the shop personnel knew anything about the stolen merchandise. The Washington Apple Store robbery received widespread attention from around the world. Lynwood Police verified that, in addition to the iPhones, the cunning burglars stole Apple items valued at thousands of dollars. “A total of 436 iPhones were removed from the back.” “As of right now, no [fingerprints] have been found, and the subjects entered wearing masks,” Lynwood Police Department Communications Manager Maren McKay was reported by US media as saying, adding, “No arrests have been made at this point, however, detectives are currently investigating any information and leads.”

Caught On Camera: North Bay Apple Store Robbed As Security Guard Watches - CBS San Francisco

It is worth noting that the coffee shop’s CEO, Mike Atkinson, also tweeted about the incident, including a photo of the tunnel which the burglars built in the Apple Store’s restroom. “Two males broke into one of our retail establishments.  “To cut a hole in our bathroom wall in order to gain access to the Apple Store adjacent to us and steal $500k in iPhones,” he tweeted.

A bunch of criminals stole $200,000 in dimes last week in Northeast Philadelphia. According to sources, detectives are hunting for up to six suspects in this crime. When officers went to a report around 6 a.m. Thursday, they discovered the body. The tractor-trailer, which was parked in the 4300 block of Byberry Road in a Walmart parking lot, had approximately $750,000 in dimes (coins). According to police on the site, approximately two million dimes worth $200,000 were stolen. Not only that but the suspects are believed to have fled in a white Chrysler 300 with window tints and a dark-coloured pickup truck. The suspects were dressed all in black and grey sweaters.


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