The Skydio 2+ Drone Lets You Fly Like a Pro

Aishwarya Panda
Aishwarya Panda May 30, 2022
Updated 2022/06/07 at 10:49 AM

THE SKYDIO 2+ DRONE is Simple to use, sophisticated automated flight controls. Tracking and collision avoidance system and It also have Improved battery life and signal strength.                     

Skydio 2+ The Next Level DRONE

Since, There will never be the perfect drone for everyone. Some like to race.  If you’re after speed and maneuverability, the Skydio 2+ is darn near perfect. The tracking   collision-avoidance software in the Skydio 2+ are better than anything else, by an order of magnitude.


Skydio had improved the camera to a average level. The 1/2.3 inch sensor is capable of 4K footage at 60 frames per second, which is average for the average user, but if you are flying it next to the higher resolution camera in the Autel Evo Lite+  really showed how last-generation the Skydio camera is. The Skydio 2+ produces great video results, but given how far ahead of the competition the rest of this drone is, it’s disappointing that the camera isn’t similarly ahead.


The major feature of Skydio’s automated flight system lies in its approach to obstacle avoidance. Instead of  avoiding the objects on it way, the Skydio 2 series uses its six onboard navigation cameras to build a real-time 3D map of its surroundings and objects.  The collision-avoidance system is really good, the Skydio can do better with the other drones being tested.  Skydio’s collision avoidance system is one of the best of its kind.

Skydio has also launched a new automated flight system and it is known as the Keyframe. Keyframe uses Skydio’s complicated 3D modeling capability and turns it into  automated flight system. You can also create 3D tracks for the drone to fly.


Take control with the power of precision and maximum range using the Skydio Controller.                                   

Skydio 2+ Beacon unlocks hands-free flight for any adventure.

It can fly short distances using just your Android or iOS device.

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