To help advertisers maximize campaigns’ success, Pinterest launches the latest edition of its ‘Pinterest Academy’

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas March 6, 2023
Updated 2023/03/06 at 10:35 AM

By definition, Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas in various niches—ranging from recipes to interior design to outfits to places to visit and so much more! It has billions of pins and posts to spark the creative flow. One can save their favourite ideas in the form of a vision board, segregated into different sections for convenience and uniformity. 

Pinterest Academy, is an e-learning platform designed to help more businesses benefit from Pinterest advertising. One can learn all one needs to know to run a campaign that stands out, all while developing best-in-class Pinterest skills. Pinterest says that after one has completed all 10 courses, one will get the Pinterest Advertising Essential Badge, which can be shared on platforms like LinkedIn and/or with peers, agents, and clients. 

Pinterest Academy was officially launched, an effective interactive e-learning tool covering everything advertisers need to know to captivate and inspire their target audiences on the platform. Pinterest provides advertisers with a distinct and valuable differentiation: people come with intent and are eager to shop. Consumers use Pinterest early in their decision-making process to find ideas for both purchases and activities; thus, ads are expected and appreciated.

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Pinterest is also a platform where marketers can see into the future and gain insights into upcoming trends before they become popular, providing valuable insight into what their customers want to buy. Every month, over 400 million individuals utilize the site to find new ideas and bring them to reality.   They arrive at critical life stages and events, giving companies, advertisers, and agencies a unique chance to interact with them when it counts the most.

The Pinterest Academy courses will provide valuable guidance on a variety of Pinterest ad formats, as well as how to use quantitative measurements and take a deep dive into speciality subjects, such as how to use the Trends tool, as Pinterest trends have been shown to take off faster and then last longer compared to other areas of the internet.

Stacy Malone, Head of Global Business Marketing at Pinterest, states, “We created Pinterest Academy to help brands, agencies, and marketers alike harness the unique intent and buying power of people on Pinterest and understand how to unlock the full potential of their campaigns on their profiles.” She goes on to comment on how only Pinterest Academy do they teach marketers how to effectively connect with their audience to identify value-adding elements that can improve their real lives. This is especially important in today’s uncertain times, where the audience is given the highest importance. 

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Students of Pinterest Academy can get instructions and insights for each step of the campaign process. The programme is entertaining, interactive, and easy to understand in order to offer knowledge regarding how to reach the Pinterest audience. Pinterest Academy debuted in 2019. The new edition includes twice as many courses as previously, as well as new tactics and better content. Now, over 14 programs are available, each consisting of more than 30 simple lessons that take about 15 minutes to complete.

Pinterest Academy makes global courses available in English. More languages are to be launched this year, namely – British English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, & Spanish. 


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