To monitor online toxicity, Microsoft introduces a new “Strikes” system for the Xbox.

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey August 22, 2023
Updated 2023/08/28 at 4:34 PM

Eight strikes can result in bans of up to a year, whereas a single strike can result in a suspension of up to 24 hours.

Xbox introduces new strike system to curtail bad behavior - The Verge
For Xbox, Microsoft is introducing a new strike system that would penalize users who engage in harmful online behavior. Based on the activity, the new system’s “Strikes” will vary in severity. Each improper conduct will result in a strike, which can be added to in the event of subsequent offenses.

The new system will incorporate strikes in enforcement as well, depending on how serious the offender’s acts were. The approach is comparable to demerit points used in several nations’ driver’s license programs. A player who obtains two strikes, for instance, will be removed from the platform for one day; conversely, a player who earns four strikes, will be removed from the platform for seven days. One year from the date of enforcement, players who receive eight strikes will be banned from using Xbox’s social features, including multiplayer, messaging, parties, and party chat. Every strike a player receives remains on their record for six months. Players will all start off today with a clean slate, or zero strikes.

Xbox Introduces New Strike System to Curb Toxic Behaviour Among Online  Players: Details | Technology News

With these adjustments, Xbox is modernizing enforcement to put a greater emphasis on player safety. Because of this, even suspended accounts may still be used for single-player activities, and gamers retain access to their paid stuff. Xbox does have the option to permanently suspend all account features, including access to purchases, for the most egregious offenses, including unlawful behavior.

Xbox has guaranteed that every report is thoroughly considered, and that no automatic enforcement would be carried out as a result of a straightforward report. “Only one-third of players who earned a temporary ban in 2022 went on to obtain another one. According to our research, players often cease engaging in inappropriate behavior after one warning, rapidly picking up on the Xbox Community Standards and how to interact more effectively on our platform, said Dave McCarthy, CVP, Xbox Player Services, in a blog post.

The strike system is intended to provide gamers with more control over how they interact on Xbox and in the community.

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