Top 4 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Bing Over Google

Nishita Gupta
Nishita Gupta January 12, 2024
Updated 2024/02/01 at 2:36 PM

Even though “Googling” has become a generic term for searching the web, there are multiple ways to search the web, and with Bing’s new ChatGPT-style AI technology, Microsoft’s search engine may once again become a contender in web search.

In this article, we have explained the top 4 reasons for choosing Microsoft Bing Over Google search engine. Read to know more about the reasons to choose Microsoft Bing.

  1. AI-Powered Chat Answers

This is yet another example of Bing outperforming Google by adding ChatGPT-like functionality to its search engine. The feature is now available to all users, but you must join a waiting list to use it. Meanwhile, you can see some canned examples of it in action. After opening the Chat selector for your search, you see the AI typing the answers as if it’s making them up as it goes. This opens a Chat sidebar and begins typing your response.

Google News had a significant advantage for a long time when it came to the most recent trending stories, but Bing has improved in this area. The topic navigation is neat, clear, and up-to-date. A trending topics view includes a main image and blurb, as well as links to various sources.

  1. Rewards

For some, this is the primary reason for using Bing. Bing, like a good credit card, splits profits with you in the form of Microsoft Points, which you can earn by searching, taking online news quizzes, or even using the Edge browser.

  1. The Pretty Picture

Perhaps some people enjoy staring at a corporate logo all day. Not me. Every day, Bing serves up an image that is often inspiring, beautiful, and educational. If you miss one, use the arrows on the bottom right of the page to scroll through the previous week’s images; share, heart, or download your favourites.

The Bing homepage is more than just a pretty picture; it provides quick access to news, weather, and stock quotes, as well as links to online versions of Microsoft’s Office apps. If you don’t like any of the extras, including the picture, you can disable them in Settings.

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