Top 6 Technology Trends That Will Shape Your Marketing Plans in 2024

Nishita Gupta
Nishita Gupta November 3, 2023
Updated 2023/12/07 at 9:17 AM

While many marketing principles stay constant year after year, the tools used by companies to accomplish marketing success change dramatically over time. Newspaper advertising was once very prevalent. Digital advertising and artificial intelligence are now significant components of company marketing strategies. Every year, new technology trends emerge for businesses to consider. Those who remain ahead of the trends may even achieve new heights of marketing success.

  1. Authentic long-form content remains king: The tendency in content marketing has been towards long-form, educational material that seeks to assist users rather than promote them. This tendency will only continue, as evidenced by Google’s Helpful Content Update, which was released late last year. Content that fully answers people’s queries and guides them toward the best choice for their circumstances will perform the best.
  2. Short-form video content is coming for the crown: While long-form instructional content is still effective for writing or podcasting, short-form video content is becoming more popular. Users are becoming more accustomed to short snippets of amusing or instructive video content, thanks to the emergence of TikTok and Instagram Reels. Brands can take advantage of this trend to reach out to their target audience swiftly and effectively amid a flood of other video content.
  3. Adoption of chatbots and conversational AI will increase: Chatbots and more advanced conversational AI will continue to enter the market and become more available to small companies. These tools can answer fundamental inquiries from consumers at any time of day or night, even if you’re busy with other duties.
  4. Voice search will remain a critical focus: With the growing popularity of mobile devices and speech services such as Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant, voice search is one area where your small company can differentiate itself from the competition. If your company is online, there’s a good chance that people will discover your website or content marketing tools through voice search.
  5. Social media marketing will continue to evolve: Social media is changing as well. Brands will need to adjust to the changing environment to stay relevant to their audiences and maintain high engagement. This implies better social listening to users and rivals alike. Brands will benefit from using social monitoring tools that help to simplify the process and produce greater insights.
  6. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are now critical: Companies have been discussing their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) policies in recent years, primarily as they pertain to their internal staff and hiring procedures. DE&I will become increasingly essential in digital marketing. Users want to see marketing campaigns and ads that represent the variety of the world around them, so consider DE&I when developing images and statements for your marketing campaigns.

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