Top Online Doctor Consulting Apps in India

Khushi Bali
Khushi Bali August 11, 2022
Updated 2022/08/11 at 5:22 AM

These days, Medical community is handling the present COVID-19 epidemic in a crucial way. It is more difficult than it used to be to see a doctor now because of the coronavirus. The distance between doctors, patients, and hospitals is reducing as a result of healthcare startups. The development of technology has greatly benefitted healthcare. It is now feasible to schedule an appointment even if you are too sick to leave the house. Some top online doctor consulting apps are available to make consultations more practical and simple.


1. Lybrate

By locating nearby medical professionals and setting up direct connections, a Delhi-based company assists patients in finding doctors. The Lybrate app,however, enables video calls between you and your physician. It also enables you to schedule an appointment. Additionally, through Lybrate, you have access to over 1.5 million specialists who can assist you.

Ratan Tata has a lot of expertise starting and growing small businesses and invests in many startups. Additionally, patients who use the Lybrate lab+ service can submit samples online and obtain lab results at home. It is one of the best doctor consulting apps.

Online doctor consulting apps

2. Portea

Portea, a Bengaluru-based online medical consultation software, allows physicians, nurses, and physiotherapists to visit patients at home. Additionally, the app offers home lab testing and services for renting medical supplies. It is presently accessible in 21 cities throughout India. Patients’ data gets uploaded via mobile phones to an EMR platform. The platform uses data analytics to recognise health trends.


3. Doctalk

Doctalk is a medical software programme based in Mumbai. It was established in 2016 by Akshat Goenka and Vamsee Chamakura. Users have a platform to acquire answers thanks to Doctalk. It allows them to speak with their doctors via the app. In this approach, files and reports related to medicine can be safely stored in the cloud. Additionally, it will be available from anywhere.

Doctalk facilitates easier access to medical consultations. A patient will subscribe to a doctor and share files and previous prescriptions with them. However, this happens just to ensure that doctor can easily access the patient’s information.

Online doctor consulting apps

4. Doctor 24×7

Patients who use Doctor 24×7 can call their doctors to get a diagnosis. They could also get free follow-up within three days of their appointment. With doctors on call around-the-clock, the app has treated more than 5 lakh people.

A free consultation is available to those who download the app. However, a consultation with the doctor over the phone often costs between Rs. 100 and Rs. 600.

5. Tata Health

Tata Health provides a variety of services, including online consultations, appointment scheduling, lab test ordering, and medication delivery. Additionally, customers can use the Health Locker service to save medical documents online.

On the app, patients can read medical content to learn how to lead healthier lives. Patients can read health articles on the app to get advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.


There are many more such doctor consulting apps available in the Play Store and Apple Store.

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