Trinity Playstation 5 in market

Shruti Govil
Shruti Govil April 19, 2024
Updated 2024/04/19 at 11:19 AM

The tech website The Verge said that Sony is preparing to release a brand-new PlayStation 5 type later this year, including details on the console’s features. 

The anticipated PlayStation 5 Pro console, code-named Trinity, is expected to include a stronger GPU, faster CPU clock speeds, and enhanced game rendering when ray tracing is enabled. 

The article claims that Sony is pushing for the adoption of graphical technologies like ray tracing among developers. Furthermore, if creators make substantial improvements, games will be eligible to bear the moniker “Trinity Enhanced.”

Features of Sony PS5 Pro

It is hoped by the firm that game developers will release their titles as a single package that works with both the PS5 and PS5 Pro systems. This will enable PS5 Pro titles to be patched for improved performance.

It is anticipated that the PS5 Pro’s GPU rendering powers will surpass those of the PlayStation 5 by around 45 percent. Improved ray tracing will be possible with the future console thanks to a bigger GPU that uses speedier system memory. 

Additionally, it is said that the PS5 Pro sports an improved ray tracing architecture from the business, which provides up to three times the speed over the standard PS5.

The CPU will be the same as the PS5 standard, but it will have a new mode that raises its clock speed. There are rumors that the PS5 Pro is 10% faster than the standard PS5 thanks to a setting that aims for 3.85GHz CPU frequency. The CPU of the standard PS5 operates at 3.5GHz, for comparison. 

Compared to the standard PS5 memory, which operates at 448GB/s, Sony is increasing the system memory on the PS5 Pro by 28% to 576GB/s. 

A technology that will boost frame rates and image quality is PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR), which will be included with the PS5 Pro. The Playstation 5 Pro, which has 300TOPS of 8-bit processing, is said to have a proprietary architecture for machine learning designed by the business.


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