Truecaller to introduce AI call scanner for Android

Shruti Govil
Shruti Govil June 9, 2024
Updated 2024/06/09 at 4:02 PM

 Truecaller on Wednesday, in an effort to lessen spam and fraud, unveiled an AI call scanner that is trained to recognise and distinguish between human sounds and AI-synthesised voices. Only Android users with Truecaller Premium will be able to access it.

This feature will be rolled out by Truecaller initially in the United States, then in India and other markets.

According to Truecaller, users must press a certain button on the Truecaller interface if they receive a questionable call. The caller records their voice, which is then processed by their AI model to separate artificial intelligence (AI) voices from human speech. 

“The spread of AI voice synthesizers has increased the risk of AI voice scams.” Our objective was to find a workable and trustworthy solution before things got out of control. I am pleased to declare that Truecaller is the first calling app in the world to incorporate AI voice detection. The CEO and co-founder of Truecaller, Alan Mamedi, stated that “this was a logical and much-needed extension of Truecaller’s scam fighting abilities.” Truecaller already uses AI in many different ways.

Although AI Call Scanner is initially being released for Android, Mamedi continued, “we are already looking into ways to improve and expand it, including an upcoming iOS launch.”

He stated, “Our team is actively investigating ways to improve the accuracy of the AI model, speed up response times, and adjust to new developments in voice synthesis technology.”

In order to increase its influence and reach, Truecaller is also thinking about integrating its AI call scanner with other platforms and gadgets. For example, it might create a chatbot that allows users to send recorded footage for detection.

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