Truecaller’s New Assistant: Your Personal Call Answerer

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey February 3, 2024
Updated 2024/02/03 at 9:53 AM

Dear smartphone users: Good day! Just picture having a personal assistant to take your calls. Truecaller Assistant, a cutting-edge function, is helping to make it a reality. This AI-powered assistant can communicate with you in Hindi, English, and even the charming Indianized language of “Hinglish.”

Begin with “Meet Your New Call-Answering Buddy!”

Have you ever wished you could stop bothersome spam calls? Truecaller is aware of your request. They have introduced Truecaller Assistant, a function that can take your calls to you. It’s similar to having a reliable sidekick in the online realm.

Real-Time Transcriptions: “Conversations to Text”

That’s not all, though. Truecaller Assistant excels above expectations. With the help of its AI-powered brain, it can deliver real-time transcriptions of the caller’s discussion. There is everything you need in text for you, so you can stop taking notes during calls.

iOS Soon, Android First: “Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Android Users”

You’re in luck if you use an Android device since Truecaller Assistant will be available to you first. Don’t worry, iOS users; it will be made accessible to you shortly as well. Truecaller wants everyone to benefit from this useful assistant’s advantages.

Indian languages spoken in more places: “Adding a Dash of Diversity”

Truecaller doesn’t just speak English, Hindi, and Hinglish. In order to ensure that everyone feels at home, they intend to sprinkle in additional Indian languages. The objective is to communicate in your native tongue.

Truecaller’s “A Market That Matters” market is India.

India is very dear to Truecaller. It’s a market where Truecaller continues to grow, with over 250 million active users in the nation.

Greeting Regarding Digital Data Protection: “Ready for Regulations”

The government-passed Digital Personal Data Protection Bill has the full support of Truecaller. They promise customers that the new law won’t interfere with their experience and are dedicated to ensuring that communication is secure. Everybody benefits from this!

“Truecaller’s Assistant: Your Call Hero”

Truecaller’s Assistant is coming to rescue the day in a world where spam calls may be an annoyance. It’s your very own call hero, ready to take your calls, record them, and generally ease your mobile life. Prepare yourself to let Truecaller answer your call now!

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