Twitter Circle Rolls Out To More Users

Aishwarya Panda
Aishwarya Panda May 31, 2022
Updated 2022/05/31 at 9:20 AM

 The feature will allow users to include nearly 150 people in their Twitter circle, which will let users pick an audience for the Tweet.

Twitter has started rolling out its new characteristic called Circle extensively to its freaks . This point allows it’s users to shoot tweets to a specific group of people whom they want to include in a Circle rather than all of their musketeers on the platform. This Circle point will allow the users to include up to 150 people in their Circle, according to the company. Still, Twitter’s latest point is kindly resembling to Instagram’s Close friends feature. Twitter previously this month revealed that the micro-blogging social media platform is testing a new characteristic called Circle where addicts can opt a lesser crowd of 150 people with whom they want to partake their tweets. Now, this point has started rolling out extensively for the freaks . Still, some addicts haven’t entered this streamlined point yet.

Through this Twitter Circle point, The Twitter addicts can choose who they want to include in their Twitter Circle, and only persons that have been added to the Circle can reply to or interact with the tweets that have been participated in the group.


To know whether you have Twitter Circle, you need to modernize your app or go to and log in. also, compose a tweet and in that window, you’ll see a drop-down menu that reads “ Everyone.” The option to add a circle will be there in the drop-down menu. It isn’t known as to how numerous people presently have access to the point. It’s still in the testing phase, according to Twitter.

How To Use the Twitter Circle Features

People can log in to their Twitter profile and head to the Compose Tweet panel. While tapping on the follower-ship Button, they will see new Circle option. They can add and remove persons from their Circle by clicking the Edit button. Still, people won’t get notified if they’re added or removed from someone’s Circle. Likewise, if people get to see a tweet posted to someone’s Circle, they too will see a green notice telling them that only people in their circle can see that post.

As mentioned over, this new Twitter character is quite resembling to the Instagram’s Close Friends feature, which allows the selection of the follower-ship for their stories.

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