Unveiling of New Features of Apple Music in iOS 16 

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas July 22, 2022
Updated 2022/07/31 at 9:25 AM

Apple Music in iOS 16 is ranked one of the best music streaming devices for obvious reasons as it meticulously works towards a better interface & better quality with each passing day. On its official release weak, Apple as usual has unveiled numerous of its secrets -which include all the new & awaited features of Apple Music.


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The biggest competitor of Apple Music in today’s market is undoubtedly Spotify. Spotify is one such music streaming app which has millions of features, insane audio quality and a somewhat reasonable subscription price for ad-free music which everyone is attracted to. User pols agree with the fact that Spotify in fact is one the biggest competitors of the Swedish Giant. 


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The unveiled features :

-the added ability to sort playlists by artists, album, title, etc;

-on opening a singer/songwriter/bandmates profile, a ‘favourites’ option appears to categorise all your favourite artists in a single place;

-the appearance of volume hud has changed which now resembled the bar determining the length of the song;

-the appearance of the apple music widget has changed and now has the ability to show the device being used;

-when SharePlay is being used, it now automatically syncs features like movies, games, music, etc all the while one uses the imessage to chat with friends;

-adding songs to the queue has become easier because one can simply drag and drop the wanted song;

-music can now be moved from one home pad to another by not streaming it on the other homepod;

-Apple Music’s newest feature ‘custom spatial audio’ allows owners of AirPod 3, AirPod Pro & Air Pod Max to enjoy better quality audio;


It’s a known fact that iOS 16 is still in its testing phase, so the addition & un-veiling of newer features can be expected from Apple Music. 

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