Unlock More, Pay Less: Amazon Prime Lite Gets a Price Drop in India

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey December 28, 2023
Updated 2023/12/28 at 8:20 AM

Introduction: Indian consumers now find Amazon Prime Lite, the more affordable form of the company’s premium subscription, to be even more alluring. The e-commerce behemoth has reduced the yearly membership cost, making it a reasonably priced means of accessing exclusive advantages. Let’s examine the updated features and costs of Amazon Prime Lite, which are intended to appeal to a wider range of users.

Amazon Prime Lite subscription gets a significant price cut. Check new price  and benefits here | Mint
The New Price of Amazon Prime Lite:
The yearly subscription rate for Amazon Prime Lite has been reduced, which is a welcome change from its previous pricing of Rs 999. The updated price? At an affordable Rs 799, more people would be able to take advantage of Amazon’s fast shipping service.

Features of Prime Lite: What You Get:

Free and Quick Deliveries: Amazon Prime Lite upholds its fundamental guarantee of providing free and quick two-day delivery on Amazon orders, less any extra fees.
What Distinguishes It from Standard Prime:

Streaming with a Twist: Prime Lite users enjoy HD streaming on two mobile devices, while standard Prime members enjoy the pleasure of 4K streaming across six devices concurrently. A great option for people who want the necessities without the bling.

No Prime Music Access: In exchange for the affordable prices, Prime Lite subscribers are not able to access Prime Music content.

Mix of advertisements: Prime Lite now includes advertisements, a feature that will soon be added to standard Prime memberships as well. These “limited” advertisements are meant to support Amazon’s continuous expenditure in producing top-notch content.

In summary, Amazon’s strategic decision to lower the price of Prime Lite is consistent with its goal of increasing the number of users. With the updated price, it’s a compelling option for budget-conscious customers who still want quick delivery and access to Amazon’s extensive product selection. As the digital world changes, Amazon’s Prime Lite demonstrates the company’s dedication to flexibility and customer-focused products.

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