Use ‘Add your Music’ sticker on Instagram this way!

Shruti Govil
Shruti Govil May 25, 2024
Updated 2024/05/24 at 7:57 AM

When Instagram released its Add Yours story sticker, it became extremely popular. Stickers allowed content providers and casual social media users to create their own threads, and they flocked to it. Instagram has now added music to the mix, expanding this feature.

Share your favorite songs with others and get straight into the newest fashions. Tell your pals more about yourself, and let them tell you more. When you see the Add Yours stickers shared within stories, you can find new music by following those users.

The Add Yours Music sticker can be added by clicking on the stickers symbol, which is a smiling paper face. 

  • Click “Add Yours Music.”
  • A song from your library can be chosen by selecting the + / Add Music button.
  • Share your narrative.
  • Now, using your Add Yours button, friends can add the song of their choice.

Among the first to highlight this new function was Dua Lipa. She asked her followers to recommend their favorite songs from Radical Optimism, her most recent album. Then, continuing from her sticker, they had to add to their story. However, Instagram has released more content.

Frames and Reveal

There are two more stickers available: Frames and Reveal. When sharing a memory or a unique occasion, frames are a terrific choice. It will create a Polaroid-style instant print off of your photo. Your followers will have to shake their phones to see the image.

There is a small difference in the Reveal feature. This one keeps much more to itself. No one will be able to see your story, not even your friends and followers. They will have to DM you in order to find it. If you want them to be able to see it, you can then decide.

Adding the Frames sticker

  • Select the sticker icon.
  • Pick Out Frames
  • Select one image from your collection, and if you’d like, add a caption.
  • The automatic posting of the image’s capture date and time will occur.
  • When you share the picture, your followers will have to shake to watch it.

For using the Reveal sticker 

  • In your story, select the stickers symbol.
  • Select a picture to hide by choosing Reveal.
  • Provide a clue for friends as to what lies behind the hazy narrative.
  • To view how it will look, tap the Preview icon.
  • Share your story and watch for direct messages requesting the reveal.

Instagram intends to foster creativity across stories with the addition of these new features. Even though all of these capabilities are very new, Instagram plans to add more. To keep creators engaged, they provide a plethora of alternative possibilities. They are currently developing fresh concepts.

Instagram wants to change the way its ranking algorithm functions so that users aren’t struggling to get noticed. There need to be a more equitable method of doing so instead. Additionally, they are developing a technique to prioritize original content over reposted content.

Users would be able to determine when material fits into each category thanks to this. Hopefully giving original content the priority. In a similar vein, Instagram intends to stop endorsing content from accounts that frequently share non-owned content.

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