Waitlist opened for Kraken NFT, guarantees zero gas fees for transactions

Cindrella Kashyap
Cindrella Kashyap May 5, 2022
Updated 2022/05/06 at 5:41 AM
Kraken has launched a waitlist for its NFT marketplace in Beta
Kraken has launched a waitlist for its NFT marketplace in Beta. Source- cryptonary

Crypto exchange Kraken has launched a waitlist for its NFT marketplace in Beta. This is happening just a few months after the firm’s CEO and co-founder Jesse Powell announced the NFT initiative. Powell said back in December that his primary goal was to ensure that the Kraken NFT users could use their NFTs as security for loans. Even though there hasn’t been much information regarding that in their latest announcement, there might be more to it as soon as the marketplace is out of the Beta stage.

While revealing the waitlist, the company pointed out some of the distinct and unique features of the upcoming marketplace and encouraged NFT lovers to join the waitlist. In their official blog post, the company shared that in scenarios where the company is the custodian, Kraken users will not have to pay any blockchain network fees for NFT trades.


Users possessing Kraken crypto accounts can now effortlessly integrate their Kraken NFT accounts for smooth, hassle-free transactions. Sellers will be able to list their digital arts in any cryptocurrencies that the exchange firm supports, and they will be able to record NFTs in AUD, USD, EUR, CHF, CAD and GBP. Once the listing is done, the buyers have the freedom to use the same currency while bidding on NFTs.

It will now be easy for buyers to track the rarity scores of their NFTs due to Kraken. For those who are not aware, rarity scores support the buyers by educating them and helping them make informed decisions while purchasing NFTs. The score helps to estimate the uniqueness of each NFT.

The exchange company said that Kraken NFT includes built-in tools that can help the buyers compare the unique characteristics of an NFT to other NFTs within the same collection. They further said that Kraken NFT allows users to create their collections across multiple blockchains, which is a solid reason to join the waitlist.

Kraken NFT
Source- Kraken

Another reason why creators might want to join the waitlist is the Creator Earnings, the intention of which is to reward the creators by offering them a fragment of each secondary market sale price of the NFTs they curated.

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