What causes one of your Apple AirPods to run out of power before another & how to fix it

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas January 5, 2023
Updated 2023/01/06 at 2:19 PM

One airpod losing its power before the other is not a problem of your own, it happens to all of us and it’s very frustrating. Nobody wants to sit with one earpod in their ear while the other charges in the case until the second one decides to join its mate too. All the while we marvel at how wonderful our Apple Airpods are, let’s look into why this problem happens. 

Even though Apple Airpods seem insanely expensive & other companies have been trying to match up to the quality of Apple, there is one prominent feature they can seldom master – the battery life. Now, if this beloved battery life starts acting up, customers might look at other options. In hindsight, it is true that the ever-so-powerful battery dies significantly once you have been using the pod for a good few years. 

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It’s almost impossible to map out exactly how long the Airpods battery lasts as it is influenced by a lot of things. For instance, if one is in the habit of making or receiving calls via the airpod, the battery obviously drains faster. This one might come as a surprise to many that if a pair of AirPods are kept on the table, out and vulnerable without the protection of their case, and they aren’t in use, the battery drains faster. This is precisely why AirPods are always recommended to be kept inside their case when not in use – it doesn’t drain out your pods’ battery, instead, the case charges them. 

In various cases, it’s observed that even if the case reaches a 100% charge the pods remain at 98% or 99%. There is always a difference in charge between the left and the right pod, which can be provoked by n number of reasons. The first and foremost one is, when one is making a call via their AirPods, only one of the AirPods acts as a microphone, as a result, its charge gets depleted faster. Another reason for this depletion may be the result of music being sent to just one earpod which in turn relays the music to the other. 

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If you own an airpod which was launched in 2016 or 2018, it’s expected that it will lose its power much faster than a 2020 or 2022 Airpod, as the older the airpod, the less techy it is. The same philosophy can be applied to the usage of pods, the more vigorously you use an Airpod, the more the battery gets depleted. Airpod batteries are ridiculously small and any minor chemical change or any other deterioration affects the battery life. But do we stop minimizing the said problem? If one is struggling with battery, visiting the apple store might be in your best interest. 

Usually, the cost of replacement of a single pod is $49, but the replacement charge for both pods amounts to $98, which is about 60% lesser than the price of a brand-new pair. Replacing one pod might seem expensive but replacing both is actually better than getting a new pair.  It isn’t a secret that Apple likes to update their gadgets & which might seem too hasty. Instead of running for the latest update, it’s wise to sit back and gauge the review and the features given with the newest update. But, if it’s the case that is being an ailment to you, you’re better off buying a brand new set as they amount to almost the same in the end. 


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