Whatsapp to bring a new channels directory feature

Shruti Govil
Shruti Govil May 14, 2024
Updated 2024/05/14 at 2:45 AM

According to WABETAINFO, WhatsApp is rolling out a new version for its beta users dubbed that adds a new category functionality to the channels directory. 

The update should allow those users who registered for the Google Play Beta Program to enjoy the new functionality.

With the help of the newly designed channels directory feature, users may now discover material by choosing from seven pre-established categories thanks to WhatsApp’s latest functionality. 

Users should find it simpler to find material and find new channels that interest them with the help of the redesigned channels directory.

Users who were part of the WhatsApp Beta program can now experience the new layout, which is more organized and cleaner. Channels are categorized into groups according to business, entertainment, lifestyle, news and information, organizations, people, and sports. Over the next few weeks, more users should be able to access the service.

Seven categories have been added to WhatsApp thus far: Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, News and Information, Organizations, People, and Sports. The channels will be automatically categorized by the platform.

At the moment, the feature requires you to actively search for channels in order to see particular results. You’ll need to search for related channels in the future. You can easily find additional channels in the same category by categorizing comparable channels.

Features including audio notes, surveys, and status sharing have just been added to WhatsApp Channel. Admins can now number up to sixteen.

WhatsApp is developing a few more features

WhatsApp’s improved drawing editor (left); The top app bar now has a completely new voice call interface (right)

The past several days have been somewhat hectic for those who monitor WhatsApp betas. A more recent beta version of the program (v2.24.10.22) has revealed an under-development drawing editor with some significant enhancements, such new brushes and the inclusion of 24 preset hues to the color palette, in addition to the improved Channel search feature we previously highlighted.

Additionally, an entirely new voice call user interface was revealed in the top app bar earlier this week in another test version. The two buttons to mute or end the call, respectively, would be made easier by the revised bar. Users will be able to swiftly complete either of the tasks even when they are not using the app thanks to this. Previously, users had to return to the WhatsApp call user interface in order to stop a call or mute the microphone.

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