Why is the ‘Uninstall Spotify’ call popular online?

The #UninstallSpotify trend could have a number of implications for the company.

Ridha Fathima
Ridha Fathima September 20, 2023
Updated 2023/09/20 at 3:12 PM

On September 20, 2023, the hashtag #UninstallSpotify started trending on the internet, with users calling for the removal of Indian singer-songwriter Shubh from the platform. This followed backlash on social media after Shubh shared a distorted map of India on his Instagram account.

The map showed Jammu and Kashmir as being separate from India, and Ladakh as a part of Pakistan. This is a sensitive issue in India, as Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory that is claimed by both India and Pakistan.

Shubh’s post was met with outrage from Indian users, many of whom accused him of supporting Pakistan and of being anti-national. Some users also called for him to be banned from Spotify. In response to the backlash, Shubh issued an apology on Instagram, saying that he had not intended to offend anyone and that he had removed the map from his post. However, many users were not satisfied with his apology and continued to call for his removal from Spotify. Spotify has not yet commented on the situation.

There are a few reasons why the #UninstallSpotify hashtag is trending. First, the issue of Jammu and Kashmir is a very sensitive one in India. Many Indians are passionate about the issue and are quick to react to anything that they perceive as being anti-national. Also, Shubh is a popular singer-songwriter in India, with over 10 million followers on Instagram. This means that his post was seen by a large number of people, many of whom were offended by it. As Spotify is a popular music streaming platform in India, many Indians use the platform to listen to their favorite music, and they are not happy to see that it is hosting an artist who they perceive as being anti-national.

The #UninstallSpotify trend could have a number of implications for the company. First, it could lead to a loss of users in India. If a significant number of Indian users uninstall the app, it could damage Spotify’s business in the country.

Second, the trend could damage Spotify’s reputation in India. The company is already facing criticism for its decision to host Shubh’s music, and the #UninstallSpotify trend could further damage its public image.

Third, the trend could set a precedent for other music streaming platforms. If Spotify is forced to remove Shubh’s music from its platform, it could encourage other platforms to do the same. This could have a chilling effect on free speech, as artists could be afraid to express their views for fear of being banned from platforms.

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