Why VR Is One Of The First Forthcoming Technologies In The Modern World

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas October 20, 2022
Updated 2022/10/20 at 8:53 PM

With the coming of Metaverse, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have also climbed the bars of success and popularity. Many believe that Virtual Reality has no value other than improving the gaming experience and being an aid to the entertainment industry, but this is far from the truth. Virtual Reality has been a part of our lives for a while now. It has been used in the medical field for robotic surgeries, minimally invasive surgeries, skills training labs, surgery stimulation and so much more. VR has been a great addition for health care professionals and patients akin, Detering risky parts of surgery and taking a more safer path with technological advancements. These are the few top ways of applying Virtual Reality in other industries minus gaming and entertainment. 

    • Medicine & Healthcare Industry: VR has no limits when it comes to medicine and advancements in the healthcare industry ranging from VR surgery practice to seeing through a complicated and risky surgery with ease. It can also be utilized in rehabilitation and physical therapy. 
    • Education: Students all over the globe would widely benefit from seeing what they are being taught in 3D, so they can fully understand the concepts and navigate easily through the course. This also helps them retain information and makes the class more interactive. New spaces like LectureVR and AltspaceVR aspire to use VR to educate this gen and the next. Toyota is already implementing VR in its Oculus headset which is a part of the TeenDrive365 campaign and promotes the risks and hazards of distracted driving to teens and parents. 

Applications of Virtual Reality in Medicine​

    • Shopping & E-Commerce: VR has great opportunities, it can be used by fashion designers, sellers and customers alike. Fashion designers will be able to visualize their art while it’s in the making, which makes all the editing and correction of data much easier. The fittings and sizing of the pieces as per the model’s size to the T with VR so that it fits like a glove. Sellers can use VR to showcase their articles of clothing in real time which will be beneficial for the buyer because they will be able to see for themselves how they look in said clothes. Trillenium is a startup brand which uses Virtual Reality to create virtual stores for brands. They are working towards merging real-life shopping experiences with the comfort of E-commerce. 
    • Space: Virtual Reality is a big part of Space exploration and NASA has been using VR to share space with the public, letting them be board members of different space vessels, virtually. People now have the chance to see how astronauts work and see constellations as clear as day. With the help of advanced simulation, the Virtuix Omni treadmill was born which runs on VR headset running software designed in such a way that they can prepare astronauts for Mars landing. 

2019 new VR scenarios – Mission training, orbit visualization, use of  instruments, collaborative projects and mission highlights. |  SpaceRobotics.eu

    • Criminology and Law: To date Judges, Lawyers and officials have had to rely on grainy 2D photographs and video to identify victims, criminals and details of a crime scene. But a 3D image in crime would be a nightmare to miscreants as they would provide complete visualization of how events played out and have the opportunity to catch on to details which may have been missed beforehand. 
    • Museums: Viewing pieces of famous art and absorbing culture is a dream of many, but one may not be able to do so, with VR that’s about to change. Nobody could possibly pass up the opportunity to pass up virtually visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National Gallery & Louvre in one afternoon. 
    • Live Events: Live events like sports matches and Formula One races would be much more enjoyable if one could have the feeling of being in the arena with the cloud instead of just watching it on TV. The experience would be unreal.

AR & VR at The Museum - Stambol

Virtual Reality is not a fever dream anymore, it’s the direction n which today’s technology is moving and it will soon overtake everything for the better. VR headsets are now in use in different industries as they fine-tune and refine their inventions with the vision of the future.


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