Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro Will Proves To Be The First Xiaomi SIM Supporting Smartwatch

Rithika Biswas
Rithika Biswas June 30, 2023
Updated 2023/06/30 at 4:00 PM

Every day, new smartwatches are put onto the market, improving the world of smartwatches. Two Xiaomi smartwatches, thought to be the Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro, were spotted today. The main advantage of these smartwatches is that devices now support SIM cards. The Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro is scheduled to be the first Xiaomi Watch to allow SIM cards, distinguishing it from other watches. Users will be able to initiate phone calls whenever they want. In addition, a new watch that is lighter and more practical than the Watch S2 is predicted.

The Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro has been  included in the IMEI database: 

The IMEI Database has identified the Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro. The new smartwatch is said to have many new sports modes, a fashionable and elegant appearance, and other essential functions.

Xiaomi reveals other features of the new Xiaomi Watch S2. They will be able  to measure body fat! - Xiaomi Planet

The Watch S2 Pro will, as the label suggests, accommodate SIM cards. For the first time, a Xiaomi wristwatch with SIM capability will be unveiled. Two separate variants of the Watch S2 Pro are scheduled to be launched, according to information received from the IMEI Database. 

Two smartwatches with the model code M2311W1 and M2312W1 were discovered. These smartwatches appear to be the Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro. Xiaomi is anticipated to unveil fresh wristwatches in August and December, as it did last year. The Xiaomi Watch S2 will be available in December 2022. The new Watch S2 Pro is expected to be released soon.

Xiaomi will also unveil its MIX FOLD 3 foldable smartphone in August 2023. Xiaomi’s next foldable device, the MIX FOLD 3, will be an upgrade above the MIX FOLD 2. It should have a new CPU, improved camera sensors, and other improvements. The new Xiaomi Watch S2 Pro has been announced to be released alongside the MIX FOLD 3.

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While little additional information is available regarding the new smartwatches, the addition of SIM support was fantastic. As previously stated, you will be able to initiate calls directly from your wristwatch at any time. This is a really beneficial feature that should be appreciated by users. 


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