Xiaomi’s HyperOS Unveiled: A Sneak Peek into the Future of MIUI Successor

Srishti Dey
Srishti Dey January 14, 2024
Updated 2024/01/14 at 3:25 PM

 Ahead of its formal launch alongside the Xiaomi 14 series of smartphones, Xiaomi has revealed the HyperOS skin, which will replace MIUI. A peek into the new operating system’s UI is offered via leaked pictures that have been shared on Weibo. These screenshots reveal features and design cues that have excited tech fans.

The Preview of HyperOS:

With the launching of the Xiaomi 14 series, Xiaomi is anticipated to introduce its newest operating system, HyperOS, which will replace MIUI. By the end of the month, Xiaomi is expected to make an official announcement, but ardent fans have already been given access to an early look.

A user going by the interesting alias “Mr. Water” recently posted four screenshots of the future HyperOS interface on Weibo, a well-known microblogging platform in China. These images provide a fascinating look at what Xiaomi’s new skin has in store.

Notable Features:

A glimpse of the weather app’s design is given by one of the stolen photos, which shows temperature readings in the upper left corner and comprehensive temperature ranges for the forecast part at the bottom. The calendar app has been redesigned, and its monthly layout now features a contemporary rounded square appearance.

HyperOS includes a control center with easy toggles, much like its predecessor MIUI. There are several similarities between this UI and iOS’s Apple Control Center. With a little style adjustment, the brightness and volume sliders, along with the “now playing” widget, are quite similar to those in iOS 17. Furthermore, a number of fast settings toggles are located at the bottom of the screen, with Wi-Fi and mobile data toggles located at the top.

Design Elements:

The addition of square-shaped widgets showing the time and weather information is a visually arresting design feature on the HyperOS home screen. The names of the related apps are also displayed clearly on each widget—a design decision that appears to have been influenced by Apple’s well-known operating system.

Additional details about the HyperOS interface are revealed in a second batch of stolen photos. For example, the lock screen features a large, vertically oriented digital clock with what appear to be personalization choices.

What Will Happen Next: Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, has previously stated that the new HyperOS will launch alongside the Xiaomi 14 series of smartphones. Although the official release date has not yet been disclosed, there are rumors circulating that these much-awaited smartphones might appear on October 27. Tech fans will be excitedly awaiting the big unveiling as more information about the operating system and the new handsets is anticipated to come to light as the launch date draws near.

Tech aficionados and fans of Xiaomi are ecstatic over the release of HyperOS images. With a modern interface that appears to be influenced by both Apple’s iOS and MIUI, HyperOS looks to provide a novel and engaging user experience.

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