YogiFi Gen 2 Launched: The Smart Yoga Mat

Ditipriya Ganguly
Ditipriya Ganguly June 22, 2022
Updated 2022/06/22 at 7:48 AM

What better day to launch a Smart Yoga mat, other than the International Yoga Day! This second generation of the previously launched smart yoga mat is developed by the Wellnesys Technologies. With their Vision to “make holistic wellness accessible for everyone and integrate as part of their lifestyle”, they designed this Smart Yoga mat which is AI assisted to help everyone in today’s world to achieve their fitness goals without the need for any sort of external support.

This second flagship product from the Wellnesys Technologies is basically an upgraded and enhanced version of its original yoga mat, which was also this company’s very first release. Looks like the YogiFi Gen 2 is especially designed keeping in mind the GenZ- who are always on a run and likes to get things done as quickly as possible without having to depend on others. In the age of online yoga training and workouts, Wellnesys Technologies went a step further and designed a fully AI controlled Smart Yoga mat.

This Smart Yoga Mat will be launched in two versions- The YogiFi Gen 2 and the YogiFi Gen 2 Pro. The only difference between these two is that the YogiFi Gen 2 version will come with a dedicated Android table and a tablet stand. The YogiFi Gen 2 will be priced at Rs.8,999 and theYogiFi Gen 2 Pro will be priced at Rs.18,999.

This mat comes with in-built motion sensors to track the movements and posture of the user during the yoga sessions. It recognizes the user’s posture depending on the pressure applied on the mat by the user. Therefore, in case of a bad posture the mat looks at the activity history and improves one’s posture. Its features also provide multiple workout tracking such as asanas and bodyweight workouts and hands-free approach with an Apple Watch.

With the installation of the company’s dedicated application, it also offers the user with step-by-step instructions for workout and also appropriate feedback at that moment. This mat also provides the feature of interacting and doing live workout and yoga sessions with certified coaches across the world including consultation with instructors, therapists, and nutritionists. 

The YogiFi Gen 2 doesn’t have a camera, keeping in mind and respecting the privacy of all the trainees and users. Any data collected during the installation or throughout the session is utilized only for personalizing the customer’s experience and for generating necessary feedback. 

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