You will soon be able to create an AI version of your voice with Truecaller to answer calls

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar May 25, 2024
Updated 2024/05/25 at 8:28 AM

Truecaller will come up with an AI powered personal voice feature. This will allow users to create a digital voice of themselves which they can use for answering calls.

Being one of the most popular caller ID services of India, Truecaller is all ready to introduce a new feature powered by artificial intelligence that will make your original voice and create a digital voice which can be used by you to answer calls on your behalf.

Truecaller’s new AI assistant

This new AI assistant is powered by ‘Personal Voice’ of Microsoft. It is a technology which was revealed by the tech giant in November last year as part of the Azure AI speech.

Although Truecaller already has a set of voices which can be used by users to answer calls, this is the first time the company is incorporating artificial intelligence to generate a digital voice to bring about a voice cloning feature. If you enable ‘Personal Voice’, it will replace the existing Truecaller Assistant Feature and users can edit the introductory greeting template to let others know that the user is using a digital version of their voice.

Who will be able to use this feature?

This feature will be available to the premium subscribers of Truecaller. To use this feature users need to record a few seconds of their own voice so that the AI can clone it and use the cloned voice when someone calls. The AI assistant will also allow users to screen incoming calls and will also let them know why the call is being made.


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