YouTube is testing a new feature called Dream Screen for shorts

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar June 5, 2024
Updated 2024/06/05 at 10:07 AM

YouTube is working on a new feature powered by artificial intelligence for YouTube Shorts. The popular video streaming platform is currently working on this experimental feature and has made it available to a certain group of Shorts creators.

Dubbed Dream Screen- a new feature for YouTube Shorts

YouTube is testing out a new feature for YouTube known as Shorts, a minute long vertical video format available in the platform. This feature known as the Dubbed Dream Screen will add a custom green screen image which is generated by AI to the videos. The main objective of the feature is to serve the ones who prefer to use creative backgrounds to stand out in the videos or make the background thematically aligned with the content of the video. Currently this feature is still in the experimental state and is only available to a few Shorts creators.

More about the AI background feature

Regarding this feature, the Google-owned video-sharing platform posted on its support page on Monday, “We’re experimenting with a new feature, Dream Screen, that uses AI to generate image green screen backgrounds for Shorts.”

Once the users get access to Dream Screen, they will be able to write a text prompt to describe what they want in the background of the video. In a blog post on September 21,2023, YouTube stated, “Ever wish you were filming in outer space? Trekking through an enchanted forest? Dreamt that your pug drove you to school? With Dream Screen, creators will be able to generate new, fantastic settings for their Shorts that are only limited by what they can imagine. We’ll start to introduce Dream Screen to select creators before we roll out more broadly next year.”


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