YouTube plans to bring in latest AI- powered features that answers questions about your videos

Sanjana Dhar
Sanjana Dhar April 22, 2024
Updated 2024/04/22 at 8:31 AM

YouTube is testing out AI- powered features with Google’s AI that aims to answer relevant questions about your videos by analyzing the video footage.

Get to more about YouTube’s AI – powered feature that is yet to come

There are instances when you find yourself curious about a question while watching a YouTube video. However there is nowhere that you could find to ask the question. But no more because Google is reportedly working on changing this by providing YouTube with an AI assistant that will act as your virtual viewing buddy.

The feature is still in testing and the company has rolled out a limited experiment where certain YouTube premium subscribers in the US are capable of firing up a conversational AI to ask and enquire about the videos that they are watching in real time. Once this feature is enabled Android users will see an “Ask” button below the eligible videos that will allow you to type out the question that you want to ask. You can also choose from prompts that will be preset for topics like similar content recommendations and summaries.

Google AI will analyse the YouTube video footage and the question asked by you to craft relevant responses for you. Entire process will occur without interrupting your viewing experience.

Will this feature be available for all the videos on YouTube?

No, the feature will not be available for all the videos on YouTube as of yet. This feature will be rolled out by Google, gradually, with eligible videos that clearly advertises the “Ask” option which will allow the user to ask relevant questions. If you hit that button for the first time, you will have to accept Google’s generative AI terms before you get started with experiencing this feature. According to reports, this experimental feature will stick around only until May 1 for now.


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