8 Apps Every Modern Student Must Have

Riya Mehra
Riya Mehra August 10, 2022
Updated 2022/08/11 at 6:12 AM

Although college life is completely packed and overwhelming, there is always a solution in this tech-savvy world. In fact, there are multiple functional applications to deal with it. Apps for education can assist students with organizing time-table, managing time, and learning in the most efficient way possible. Here are the eight-most-effective applications that will set a modern student up for triumph in all facets of college life:


For Organizing Assignments:

Every student is stuck in the slime of numerous deadlines for multiple projects. What’ll make the entire process much simplified is having an app for all the deadlines to manage time. “myHomework” provides a reasonable solution to this matter. “myHomework” keeps a list of all due assignments in a single mobile organizer. The student will receive alerts for the upcoming due dates that will help keep track of all the assignments using one app. It’s a solution to prevent chaos and confusion and being up-to-date will all subject matters.

myHomework Student Planner


For Presentations:

Every college burdens students with projects that are expected to be completed with utmost creativity. “Slides Go” offers a solution to this aspect. It offers a wide range of presentation templates that can be browsed by color, style, or topic.

Another commonly used application is “Canva”. This app not only provides the user with presentation templates, but also with poster templates and invitation templates among the pool of other categories.


For Textbooks:

As a student approaches a new semester, new textbooks are required and it might not be feasible to purchase new ones. “Chegg” provides an affordable solution by arranging rental textbooks. All the student needs to do is search for a book and place an order. Chegg also provides personalized answers from experts to textbooks and homework solutions. Thus, it’s an all-in-one application for study materials.

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For Writers of all kinds:

It is important for students to go through the grammar and punctuation before submitting any assignment. As the entire process is time-consuming and any student is prone to make mistakes, “Grammarly” provides an efficient solution for this. “Grammarly” is a comprehensive writing instrument that helps students write better and clearly, with punctuations, spelling, and grammar checks. It also checks plagiarism, which is a must-needed tool for professional and academic writers.

Grammarly for Chrome | Grammarly

For the love of languages:

Not only students but everyone is fond of learning new languages. “Duolingo” is a game-style online-based language learning tool that offers language certification. There is vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar to practice on the app. “Duolingo” is suitable for those motivated to learn a new language.

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For the zeal to learn more:

If you have the zeal to learn more and acquire knowledge beyond the college curriculum, “Coursera” is the right platform for enthusiasts. “Coursera” provides online courses from top world-famous academic institutions. It offers certification upon completion of the course. There are abundant video lectures to learn, and peer-review activities, quizzes, and assessments to grade and assess the user’s understanding.


For budgeting:

College students often struggle to keep a track of their finances. There are parties to attend, books to purchase, and fancy food to eat. But all within a given budget. Apps like “Mint.com” is a budget planner that can be utilized by students to keep their spending behaviors in check. It helps students analyze their spending and reach their financial goals.

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For note-taking:

It is important for students to make regular notes in classes to stay engaged with the topic and easily revise during super-stressful exam times. “Evernote” is a powerful instrument that helps creative people arrange their thoughts. It is a modern way to organize notes. Each topic or subject note are allowed to be categorized into separate notebooks on this app! Isn’t that interesting?

Download Evernote for free | Evernote

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