ARKit developer reenacts your favorite scene from “The Ring”

Cerina Cruz
Cerina Cruz February 23, 2018
Updated 2022/04/14 at 11:00 AM

Ever since the AR platform launched last year, ARKit’s Abhishek Singh has churned out multiple demos using the software development kit but his latest might be his most memorable, if not his most terrifying. He develops a demo imitating the scene from the classic horror film “The Ring” in which Samara crawls out of a TV, but Singh takes it a step further and has her follow him around and pops up in hallways.

ARKit has become a go-to for AR developers or even those who just want to try their hand at it. Lots of apps have come out using the platform with various functions from measuring a space in real time to visualizing bike and hike trails to even helping you learn to dance by projecting the steps. Singh made his scary simulation using Unity, a third party tool. Recently ARKit has come out with a beta update, ARKit 1.5 that includes improvements that “can see and place virtual objects on vertical surfaces, and more accurately map irregularly shaped surfaces”.

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