Augmented Reality Apps on iOS: Top 5 picks

AJ Recella
AJ Recella September 25, 2017
Updated 2022/04/14 at 11:00 AM
Augmented Reality Apps on iOS: Top 5 picks
Augmented Reality Apps on iOS: Top 5 picks

Now that iOS 11 is finally here, ARkit is now live and ready for action. ARkit comes with the iOS 11 update and is only available for iPhone 6s and up with A9, A10 and the newest A11 bionic processors. It is also compatible with iPad Pro and the latest 9.7 inch iPad.

The ARkit is a platform for developers that create Augmented Reality experiences on iOS devices. It can turn a space into the environment of the app with the direction of the camera. It can identify the measurement of the walls, floors or even the objects in place. ARkit can recognize horizontal planes like floors and track motions that can put AR models on top of an onstage object like a cup of freshly-brewed coffee on your desk, or even characters like dinosaurs on your couch.

Although AR functionality is not that new to us, we have seen it popularly on Snapchat, followed by Facebook and Instagram with their famous dog filter, flower crowns, and superhero masks. With apple leveling up the game, you can’t find yourself setting aside your phone anymore after hours on it but continuously walking around pointing your cameras everywhere.

Here are some of our favorite AR-ready apps that can entertain you on a gloomy pointless day and can make your life easier when you need it the most.

1. Tap Measure

Save yourself the hassle of taking the measuring tape and crawling down to your knees to the measure the width of the floor. Tap measure is a very impressive and useful app that can save you a lot of time. It can measure lengths, angles, dimensions and can even create floor plans or 3D sketch up with just one tap away. Files can be exported as CAD files that can be opened through SketchUp.

Best for: Architects and Engineers

2. Ikea Place

Love decorating home furniture and interiors in your home? One of the most inventive and trendiest furniture shop has a new app that we are sure you would be fond of. Ikea Place can help you visualize anything and everything they have right on your iOS devices in the comfort of your home to see how it would look. Now, you don’t need to estimate what couch can fit in your living room and the inconvenience of going back and forth to return the wrong aesthetic. It can also save you the trouble of imagining.

Best for: Interior Designers

3. Carrot Weather

This chatty weatherbot has an attitude problem. It tells weather forecast also. Oh, and we were advised not to poke its ocular sensor. You’ve been warned. It’s NSFW.

Best for: People who love to go outdoors

4. Airbnb Map Concept

Don’t know where the flat iron is or how to turn on the heater? Airbnb Map Concept brings you the virtual experience of having the owner right by your side if you have any inquiries anytime! “We’re always looking at new technology to make using Airbnb easier for hosts and guests,” an Airbnb spokesperson told CNET, “including augmented reality and virtual reality.”

Best for: Travelers

5. Holo
The most entertaining app yet. Holo can place 3D holograms of real people like Jhene Aiko, Chachi Gonzales and more! Recreate a world that is beyond the usual with dragons, dinosaurs or even Spiderman right by your side! You can easily take photos and create videos that you can share with your friends!

Best for: Children, bored people

Now, you definitely won’t stop fiddling with your phone. Just be careful and be aware of your surroundings so you don’t find yourself walking into the traffic catching spiderman.

We see a fun and interesting future ahead of us. Share your favorite ARkit apps in the comments below or tweet us @techinnewscom!

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