Connecting Commerce: Business Confidence in the Digital Environment

techinnews March 15, 2018
Updated 2022/04/14 at 11:01 AM
Connecting Commerce: Business Confidence in the Digital Environment
Connecting Commerce: Business Confidence in the Digital Environment
New Insights to Your City’s Digital Transformation Challenges

We know that where organisations reside is important. But do our cities shape our confidence in digital transformation?

Globalisation is driving competition, not only among businesses but between regions, countries, and cities. In fact, in recent years the relationship between your immediate environment and the success of your transformation has become increasingly apparent.

Telstra, a global leader in telecommunications and technology, partnered with The Economist Intelligence Unit to understand how cities support organisations’ digital ambitions, wherever they are in the world.

In total, 2,620 business executives, from 11 industries, in 45 cities around the world were interviewed.

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Their responses were aggregated to create the first-ever Digital Cities Barometer Report: “Connecting Commerce: Business Confidence in the Digital Environment”.

This ranking measures business confidence in the strength of the local environment for digital transformation.

If you’re a Business, Operations, or IT leader, this latest report is relevant to you. It provides new insights into the global digital transformation landscape, and answers key questions, including:

• What is holding back digital transformation success around the world?
• How does the city you work in affect your digital transformation success?
• What do your global industry peers expect from theur city environment?
• How do cities in emerging economies stack up against their more established peers?

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Download the Whitepaper here

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