Crypto companies are offering triple pay to ex UK police officers to quit their jobs

Cindrella Kashyap
Cindrella Kashyap May 1, 2022
Updated 2022/05/01 at 5:51 PM
Crypto currency. Source-
Crypto currency. Source-

The crypto companies are starting a new hiring binge and the section of the workforce they are selecting is quite unexpected- the former British police officers.

According to Bloomberg News, the largest Crypto firms today like Chainalysis, Binance and Coinbase are actively trying to hire former law enforcement employees. And in order to sweeten the deal, these companies are offering them more than double and triple their current pay.

The UK Government set aside funding for training around 250 officers back in 2018. The motive was to train them to investigate, seize and understand the value of digital currencies and become experts (also known as crypto tactical advisors) in the emerging field of cryptocurrency. Today, many of those officers are leaving law enforcement to join the private sector to earn more money for doing the same thing.

Since the crypto companies are facing a constant threat from hackers, the officers are trying to prevent that and are preparing countries like the US to establish strict regulations.

Crypto companies are offering former British police triple pay to leave their jobs

The Bloomberg-reported estimates from the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) reveal that the cyber crime officers are leaving behind law enforcement at higher than triple the rate as compared to the rest of the police force. Bloomberg further reported that around 15 police have already left their current jobs to join cyrpto firms and the number is expected to increase significantly in the coming 18 months.

Speaking on this matter, a spokesperson for Chainalysis say that the cyber crime police can play a fundamental role in keeping the funds of the customers safe and secure as the company works their way to become the most trusted firm in the field of cryptoeconomy.

Even though the former law enforcement officials are going to play an essential role for the crypto companies now, it has to be mentioned that their departure has left a void in the police force at the same time. NPCC said to Bloomberg that the positions will be difficult to replace since each departing officer has had years of experience and training.

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