Gartner Competitive Landscape: Secure Web Gateways

techinnews October 25, 2017
Updated 2022/04/14 at 11:01 AM
Gartner Competitive LandscapeL Secure Web Gateways
Gartner Competitive Landscape: Secure Web Gateways

The secure web gateway market is still transforming toward SaaS deployments as CASB and DNS services capabilities add new challenges to traditional providers. Technology strategic planners must pay attention to these new concepts to compete effectively in the future “as-a-service” market.


• Secure web gateway (SWG) customers gain flexibility, management and performance advantages by adopting a pure cloud-based SWG solution or by leveraging a hybrid of on-premises hardware or virtual appliances with a cloud-based SWG.
• Some providers are moving to a solution stack that adds cloud access security broker (CASB) functions as an integrated capability for their overall SWG solution, bolstering external SaaS access security capabilities.
• Examine ways to leverage the combination of DNS and/or VPN-based network firewall enforcement methods to compete with emerging as-a-service solution concepts and to improve protection against threats beyond proxied HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols.
• Evaluate the goal of delivering a consolidated service solution stack that brings together multiple emerging security solutions building toward a secure internet gateway (SIG) service platform concept.

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