Google and Levi’s First ‘Smart’ Jean Jacket

Christine Joy Sedenio
Christine Joy Sedenio May 15, 2018
Updated 2022/04/14 at 11:00 AM

Google and Levi’s finally launched their “connected” jean jacket. The jacket was designed particularly for bike commuters that allow touch interactivity.

Google showed in their promotional video that you can interact with the technology without using your phone. This “wearable technology” offers an easier way to control your music and pick up calls. It gets directions by just tapping or brushing off the cup of the jacket. They also added new features including support ride-sharing alerts, you just have to connect the jacket to a ‘ride-sharing app’ and the user will receive a notification from that app.

Another feature is Bose’s Aware Mode, using this additional feature, the user will be able to hear nearby sounds through earphones.

According to Google Spokesperson, they are excited to hear the people’s feedback and requests on the product.


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