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Humane AI Pin: Potential Launch in India and Expansion of Use Cases

Co-founded by former Apple workers, Humane grabbed headlines when its first product,

Srishti Dey Srishti Dey February 29, 2024

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024: A New Era of Smart Accessories

With the release of the Galaxy Ring, Samsung's attendance at the Mobile

Srishti Dey Srishti Dey February 28, 2024

Apple Watch’s Fall Detection Saves Elderly Man Hit by Car: Another Testimony to Its Life-Saving Capability

The Fall Detection function on Apple Watch has continuously shown to be

Srishti Dey Srishti Dey February 17, 2024

Humane AI Pin: Revolutionizing Interaction Beyond Smartphones, Shipping in March 2024

Introduction: The Humane AI Pin is about to revolutionize our relationship with

Srishti Dey Srishti Dey December 27, 2023

Nothing Phone 2a: A Budget-Friendly Challenger with Unique Design and MediaTek Dimensity Chipset

Introduction: There may be a significant overhaul for the well-known wearable in

Srishti Dey Srishti Dey December 18, 2023

Wearable Technology: A Personal Touch in the Digital Age

  Wearable technology is no longer a figment of science fiction; it's

Nishita Gupta Nishita Gupta August 16, 2023

Google and Levi’s First ‘Smart’ Jean Jacket

Google and Levi’s finally launched their “connected” jean jacket. The jacket was

Christine Joy Sedenio Christine Joy Sedenio May 15, 2018